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How to Create Questions (Overview)
This overview will show you how to create questions.
How to Create Random Questions
Learn how to create questions that will be randomly chosen from a certain question pool according to specific selection rules.
How to Use Questions
Learn how to add the created questions to your test and configure feedback messages. You will also see how questions are shown to users. Find out how to grade answers and provide comments to "Essay" type answers.
How to Create Tests and Customize Test Settings
Learn how to create tests and customize test settings.
How to Create Report Templates
Learn how to create a report template, define the contents of a test results page using a report template, configure report output and create a certificate/report in the PDF format. Also, find out how your report comments may vary depending on test results.
How to Create Users
Learn how to create and manage users.
How to Create User Groups
Learn how to create/manage user groups and make a specific test available to a certain user group only.
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iGiveTest Documentation

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iGiveTest Documentation
iGiveTest user and administrator guide

"I want exams to be a positive experience, an opportunity to learn rather than merely graded. iGiveTest enables me to provide automated feedback on the student's responses, even during the test, making the experience more interactive and beneficial.

I am amazed by Sight2k's support group... truly world class. These guys work at Internet-speed, adding new features and responding to issues with same-day turnaround, even custom scripts! I've never had such responsive service from other web product vendors or even contractors. They're ANIMALS... you can't go wrong with them."

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