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iGiveTest Mini Site

This subscription supports up to 100 user accounts and can be used to launch a website at lowest possible cost and time.

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iGiveTest Small Site

This subscription supports up to 500 user accounts. This subscription plan could become a better solution for small to medium companies.

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iGiveTest Medium Site

This subscription supports up to 2000 user accounts. This subscription plan could become a perfect solution for medium to large companies.

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Cloud options & prices Mini Site Small Site Medium Site Large Site
Disk storage 5 Gb 20 Gb 70 Gb Up to you
User accounts allowed 100 500 2000 Up to you
Your own domain name no yes yes yes
Secure SSL connection no no no yes
Private cloud no no no yes
Subscription price:
Monthly $39.90 $59.90 $99.90 ...
12 Months $29.90 $45.90 $79.90 ...
24 Months $25.90 $41.90 $75.90 ...
36 Months $23.90 $35.90 $67.90 ...
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After the payment is confirmed we will send you the admin account credentials as well as the information on how to use your iGiveTest website. Hard copies of all banking payment documents will be mailed to you, if needed.

You will be granted:

  • free technical support;
  • free major version updates;
  • favorable terms on custom module development.

Academic Discounts. Non-profit agencies and/or academic institutions can purchase our services with a discount of up to 25%. If you wish to purchase our services with this discount, please contact us for academic pricing and purchase arrangements.

"Sight2k's IGiveTest software is one of a kind. Several months of research was performed by our organization in search of an exam software to be implimented throughout our organization. IGiveTest was the answer. We have had the software in place for approximately 3 months now, just within the past month have went live with it for testing purpose throughout the entire organization.

Sight2k's technical support is by far prompt and excellent. Since implementation, there have been 3 updates of which have greatly improved various features throughout the software.

I recommend this solution to anyone and everyone that has a need for exam software in their organization. If something needs to be fixed or you have a recommendation, Sight2k is very willing to listen and very willing to implement your recommendation in their next update.

Good software; friendly willing and able tech support; excellent all around. Good job Sight2k on an excellent peice of testing software. IGiveTest is great!"

Chris F. Denney
Southern Platte Fire Protection District